(If you have had an encounter and wish to share, please reply below)

“Good prayer – very comforting & confirming. I am encouraged to keep hope.”

” Wonderful! I found that the Lord did give me answers. It surprised and pleased me.  I am very glad I came”

“My darkness changed to sunlight in my spirit and peace was around me.”

“God released me in my spirit. I felt like I was leaping like a deer & jumping over a high wall!”

 “Praise God, I received a mind/heart connection of value and worth, Thank You!”

 “Thank you so much – It was so wonderful to have someone pray with me.”

 “I got to see the Holy Spirit, Yay God!”

 “It was amazing! I felt the Holy Spirit within me and with us. I was released from lies I believed releasing me and future generations. I can’t say enough about the power of Jesus Christ’s presence in this ministry!”

 “It may not seem much to some, but I had a happy childhood memory after – I never get those!”

 “God revealed something to me that night. The next morning when I prayed about it, I felt open heavens and joy.”


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