With God, we believe you can never have enough love, healing, guidance or personal relationship with Him.

Women’s Encounter Room (WER) was created to help women connect with God in a deep and personal way.  When you develop a personal relationship with God, it helps unlock why you were created, what your purpose is and get you through stuck places in your life.

Part of our vision is to also empower you to walk this out for yourself,  lead others around you into encounters,  take this to your own community or lead an encounter on a team.  (See Empowerment Schedule below)

What to Expect:

The first 30 minutes or so will be dedicated to teaching & demonstrating one tool to connect with God and then practice in a small encounter group. The small encounter group is also where you will be led into a personal encounter as well as have the opportunity to lead someone else.


Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Topic: The truth of who God created you to be. (Identity)
New Tool: How to hear what God has to say about someone else (prophetic piece)

There is one thing we all have a need and desire to know:  Who am I really ?   Culture, friends, family, movies. the enemy – they all try to tell us who we are, but the only place we will get the right answers is from the One who created us – God himself.  How the world system works is kind of like trying to fix your computer with a Honda car manual – it just doesn’t work!
Last Encounter Room we got some great words from God on how the enemy has been deceiving us – in most cases it is in the areas of who we are created to be and our unique gifts and talents. The only way to walk out of the lies of the enemy is to know what God’s truth is and start walking that out – yes it is a process. Tomorrow night will be a fun night of God’s perspective, love and truth about you!

We Meet every 2nd & 4th Friday each month at 6:30 pm


  • The Women’s Encounter Room is located at:  Pleasure Point Community Church – 761 26th Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062 

    Hope you can join us, we look forward to meeting you!

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    This ministry is free and open to all women.

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